Holistic Horsemanship Lessons and Training

Holistic Horsemanship Training

Holistic horsemanship focuses on training both the horse and rider as athletes. This includes sport psychology, balance and strength development, nutrition, biomechanics and preventive health care.

Each lesson focuses on developing the horse-rider relationship and building essential skills for both horse and rider, from first ride through advanced training, and no matter the discipline.

Discover a New Type of Riding

All lessons and training sessions are comprehensive and holistic in nature. They will include teachings from sport psychology, biomechanics, horsemanship, and modern equestrian practices.


Lead Line Lessons

For children under 6 years old, lead line offers a safe way to get in the saddle. These lessons are thirty minutes in length and include games and activities to build balance and feel that will serve the young rider in the future.

Mounted Lessons

Whether it’s your first ride or you are well seasoned, take lessons that will develop you as a rider and horseman. Lessons focus on balance, timing, and mindset and can be taken on your own horse or one of our school horses. Come to our facility in Upper Ojai or let us come to you in Ventura County.

Grounded Lessons

If you aren’t interested in climbing in the saddle you can still learn about safe handling of horses from the ground. This is perfect for those with backyard horses, parents of young riders, or anybody who wants to expand their knowledge of horses while keeping their feet firmly on the ground.

Start Today

  • per hour plus travel time if outside of Ojai Valley/Upper Ojai
On Site Lessons
  • Per Hour
Lead Line Lesson
  • 30 minute lesson for kids 5 and under
Grounded Lesson
  • Ground work and horsemanship only. 30 minutes

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